PRICE & RULES宿泊料金&規約

SHIMA BOAT HOUSE is a high-end rental vacation home.
Since the entire single complex is being rented out,
the more people come together, the more they can save individual costs.
And when the number of people attending the party
or event exceeds the maximum capacity of the facility,
we will help you finding accommodations
at nearby 『Kashikojima Grand Hotel』 (at separate costs).

CHECK IN/OUTチェックイン/チェックアウト

CHECK IN 15:00 / CHECK OUT 11:00

The hours between 11:00 and 15:00 following the guest check-out are dedicated to indoor cleaning.
CHECK IN will be after 15:00 basic time.
※We can not respond even if you arrive before CHECK IN basic time.

Please notify us of your check-in/check-out time in advance as we provide you a guidance booklet on facility,furniture and fixtures along with a key when you check in.

Moreover, please be sure to contact our staff when your scheduled arrival time is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances such as traffic congestion.


  • ●SHIMA BOAT HOUSE is a rental vacation home.
    We would very much appreciate if you take care of basic cleaning works of kitchenware and bed-making before checking out.
  • ●We will not take responsibility for injuries and/or accidents that occurred during outdoor activities such as rental kayak or mountain bike.
    We recommend you to get leisure insurance if you wish to do activities.
  • ● Your cooperation on separate garbage collection is highly appreciated.
    (combustible waste, noninflammable waste, can, bottle, plastic bottle and food waste)
  • ●Please handle fire carefully. Bonfire must be done in designated area. No bonfire is allowed on grass.
  • ●No smoking inside the house. Please smoke around the ashtray outside.
  • ●Shoes are allowed inside the house, however, no shoes allowed in Japanese rooms.
  • ●Please turn out all fires as well as turning air conditioners and lights off when leaving the house.
  • ●Please make sure not to disturb the neighbours with noise
    (such as loud music from speakers or conversation in loud voice).
  • ●Please contact our staff’s mobile phone immediately if accidents and/or troubles arise.


SHIMA BOAT HOUSE is a high-end rental vacation home
A maximam capacity of 25 people (40 people all beds and tents to share)
When the number of people attending the party or event exceeds the maximam capacity of the facility,
we will help you finding accommodarions at near by "Kashikojima Grand Hotel" (at separate costs).


Basic Charge (up to 4 people) ¥50,000 (tax included)
Extra Charge (over 5 people) ¥5,000/per person
2019.1.1~Basic Charge (up to 4 people) ¥55,000 (tax included)
20191.1~Extra Charge (over 5 people) ¥6,000/per person

* Prices will change from January 1, 2019. Please be careful.

* Prices are subject to change in the top season. Please contact us for more information.

* Infants are free. It will cost form 6 years old.

Price List(2019.1.1~)

1 to 4 people ¥55,000 5people ¥61,000
6people ¥67,000 7people ¥73,000
8people ¥79,000 9people ¥85,000
10people ¥91,000 11people ¥97,000
12people ¥103,000 13people ¥109,000
14people ¥115,000 15people ¥121,000
16people ¥127,000 17people ¥133,000
18people ¥139,000 19people ¥145,000
20people ¥151,000 over 21people For more than 20 people,
it costs ¥6,000 per person as well


Option price Please verifying


2nights 5% OFF 3nights 10% OFF 4nights 15% OFF
5nights〜 20% OFF

Applicable charge: Basic+Extra charge ※Option fee is not applicable


【Information on Advance Payment】

The information will be delivered by e-mail concerning the rates and URL for PayPal payment after the reservation is completed.
Please be sure to make the payment within one week after the e-mail above is received.
When the date of admission is less than 1 week away from the date of reservation, please be sure to make the required payment by one day prior to the admission date.

【On-site Payment】

All payments are required to be made in advance during reservation in principle; however, expenses for last-minute additional guest(s) or payments for options added on the day of the option concerned must be paid in credit or cash.

Payments can be made either during the check-in or check-out.
Please inform our staff when you are ready.


Upon cancellation of the reservation, please inform us of the situation concerned via e-mail.
And when the reservation is canceled by customers, a cancellation fee may arise subject to the given season.
(Please see below)

30 or more days from the scheduled date of admission: No cancellation fee
7 or more days from the scheduled date of admission: 50% of the full amount
6 or less days from the scheduled date of admission: 100% of the full amount

In case of cancellation due to weather conditions such as typhoon on the expected
date of accommodation please be sure to call us.
Cancellation in this case can be used for the next room rate you use.
In case of cancellation without notification, cancellation fee will be generated in either case.
In case we judge that we can not spend safely on the day with the weather information
as of 17:00 the day before the accommodation date
We may refuse to use our accomodation. In this case, no cancellation fee will be incurred.

We will temporarily hold the schedule as this facility will be limited to one pair per day.
We will refuse reservation on the same day from other customers,
so please understand the cancellation conditions
If there is a possibility of cancellation, we recommend you make a reservation after confirmation.



If you have any questions or requests,
please do not hesitate to contact us



※ Reservations by phone are not received.